Our H company began its activities in 1981 with discreet title T.E.M.I.K 'TECHNICAL COMPANY of MECHANICAL MANUFACTURES' with activity the manufacture
of electric tables, manufacture and maintainance of electromechanical installations
based in the centre of Tripoli.

In 1994 the company was transported in the VIPE Tripoli with increase of corporate capital accommodated in 1500m building and modernisation of instruments. In 1996 because of insufficiency of space the company makes increase of capital and extension of accommodation. The company is modernised with the most modern machinery for the perfection in the electric tables and for the required needs of the enterprise.

The main structure of the company includes the manufacture of electric tables, electromechanical manufactures, coiling of engines, installation of pumping machinery.

The company manned and equipped with the most modern machinery undertakes anyn type electric tables, fields, trigid galvanism and anything concerned with the manufacture of sheet-metal.

Always believing in the best, based on our multiannual experience following the steps of technology in the sector electroengineerring we undertake
any type of electromechanical installations.

Our Up today collaboration with a lot of Industries Puplic Sector,NATIONAL ELECTRICAL COMPANY, GREEK TELECOME, Municipalities and Communities, Technical Companies and our attendance in the line of work of the private and public sector brings us in the first line of constructors of such kind.

The three last years the company has also extended itself in the trade of creating big spectrum of deposits covering all the needs of people and the companys. With a
complete and selected collection of products of known European factories, modern organisation of management, storage and distribution of products, good fame,
reliability, seriousness and consistency to our customers and suppliers and, finally
with the most modern methods of marketing.

Through such a way our company has rendered its name synonym with the quality
and the reliability, in regards to the products produced also the services that it offers reaching European levels.
We feel certain that in the proportional sector of your work you can support yourself
with certainty and confidence for its success. The Concern of our company is the
respect and the service of the professional or private individual.

Industrial region Tripoli 22100
TEl. +302710.233503,.+302710226076,.6973 358753
Fax +302710.241069 -mail.